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Christ Embassy Bristol is a place where your life will be giving new meaning. You are set to be uplifted and taken to new heights in glory with every encounter you have with us in our weekly services. We invite you to make our church your home and give yourself to the ministry of God’s word because in doing so, you will experience a life of increasing beauty continually.

Christ Embassy Bristol Church also affords you the opportunity to:

Join a Cell

Join a group of like-minded Christians in your locale, age group or profession to help your spiritual growth and development. Click or Call +44 7824 366968 to Join.

Follow Pastor Chris

Join the global army of millions making global changes as they pray together with Pastor Chris at the same time for the same purpose. Click Here to Follow Pastor Chris NOW!

Join the Foundation School

Enrol and study at your own pace in our special foundation school program where you will be progressively taught the doctrines of the gospel of Christ, according to Believer’s LoveWorld. Click Here or call +44 7824 366968 to Enrol for the Foundation School NOW!

Use Ministry Resources

Acquaint yourself with essential ministry resources by Pastor Chris ranging from audios, to videos and publications (both in print and e-Formats) including the world’s #1 best-selling daily devotional, ‘Rhapsody of Realities.’

Ask Questions

Ask and receive answers to your questions on topics which cut across different areas of Christianity such as Christian living, faith, prayer, the Holy Spirit, sin, righteousness, etc. Click to ask a Question NOW!

Participate in Upcoming Events

Register to attend upcoming events (on-site or online) with the man of God, Pastor Chris, as we provide you with up-to-the-minute information on upcoming events with the Pastor Chris.

… And so much more. Get ready for a special journey with the Spirit of God through the Christ Embassy Bristol Church!